Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth And How to Make It Work?

how to make rice water for hair growth

Your hair is as big a deal as you want it to be! It’s what we spend hours of time and money on each week to make sure it looks perfect. But have you ever considered rice water? Rice water has been used in many cultures for centuries. But the most recent study done by the International Journal Of Cosmetic Science reveals that rice water can solve your hair problems better than any other product in the market!

Rice Water For Hair Growth


What Is Rice Water For Hair Growth? And How Does It Work?

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Rice water is a product that has been used for centuries in many cultures. It contains amino acids and minerals, which are great for your hair, significantly when it’s damaged from chemicals or heat styling. The nutrients help restore your scalp’s natural oils and give strength to the roots, so you’ll have healthier-looking hair after every wash! 

Rice water also helps keep dandruff away by cleansing the scalp of any dead skin cells while providing essential proteins and vitamins needed to create new ones. 

These benefits men with thicker, coarser hair and women with more delicate locks who want fuller strands for themselves! In other words, rice water will make your life easier because it does all the work itself instead of making you do double-time trying not to damage your hair in the first place. So let’s delve deep into these claims with the help of two studies discussed below.

The Science Behind That Proves This Claim

The International Journal Of Cosmetic Science researched rice water and its role in the hair care routine followed by Japanese women. Court ladies during the Heian Period grew long and glossy hair that reached to the floor. Each day, they combed their hair with Yu-Su-Ru (water leftover from washing rice). Yu-Su-Ru extract reduced surface friction in hair and made it more manageable & less frizzy.

Another reason they were compelled to research them is that the Japanese have excellent hair genetics. This might have to do with rice being a staple diet in Japanese culture. What’s more? Rice is researched and proven to reduce DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) when consumed in a healthy amount.

We researched another study that Korean Health Department supported. This study was done on Rice Bran mineral extract (RBM). After comprehensive research, it was concluded that RBM prolongs the anagen phase. The anagen phase is your hair in its active state. During this stage, your hair grows at an accelerated rate. What RBM does is that it makes sure this active state is there to stay for more extended periods, thus delaying the telogen or the shedding phase.

When you combine the fact of its remarkable effects with a product that’s so easy to find an affordable, it becomes one more reason why your hair care routine should have at least one cup of rice water!

How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth?

There are many ways to make rice water for hair growth. One way is by boiling a cup of brown or white uncooked rice, then letting the mixture cool to lukewarm. Finally, strain the liquid and fill it in an airtight container or bowl with plastic wrap before refrigerating. 

Another option is using the leftover water when making rice for your lunch or dinner. This is the easiest method if you want to save yourself from the hassle of cooking it separately. 


rice water for hair growth

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Benefits Of Using Rice Water On Your Hair

Rice water has many benefits for your hair. These include restoring your scalp’s natural oils and giving strength to roots for healthier hair. It also cleanses the scalp of any dead skin cells while providing essential protein needed to create new strands! 

The pH levels of rice water are very similar to your scalp, which explains its widespread use in shampoos in recent years. These shampoos strengthen hair & promote hair health, but you can get all the rich benefits without spending an extra dime with rice water.

A mix of 18 amino acids creates protein and keratin needed to form hair. Out of these 18, around 8 amino acids are found in rice water. This actively promotes healthy hair and increases the growth phase of your hair shaft. DHT blocking benefits that are present in rice gets carried over on their topical application as well. This will delay your hair loss and will protect it from baldness.

Side Effects Of Using Rice Water On Your Hair: Is There Any?

Although rice water is generally considered safe for most hair types, it can cause dryness and breakage if used too much. However, there are no side effects as long as you rinse after use but remember not to go overboard too much if you have very thin/fine hair because this may lead to breakage.

People with very thin or fine hair should be limited in their use of rice water as the starch content may cause a build-up on your scalp over time. 

Tips To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth

A few tips can help you get the best results out of rice water for hair growth. These include:

  • Use it at least once or twice every week to feel the difference! This will ensure your scalp is cleansed and nourished with essential nutrients on all fronts.
  • It would be best if you also used shampoo when using rice water. This gives long-lasting effects without overloading your hair, skin, and scalp with too much protein, which may lead to dryness and breakage.
  • Rinse off after each application by massaging in circular motions until you’ve lathered up enough. Don’t forget to rinse off any residue left behind as well! We recommend staying away from overwashing so that you don’t have a dry scalp.
  • Lastly, you can use a deep conditioner to give your hair some extra care because of the heat and water that has been used for rice water. This will also help make it stronger from root to tip while giving your hair a shine you have never experienced before.

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FAQs About Rice Water For Hair Growth

  • How long does it take to see results from using rice water?

You can start feeling a difference in as little as two weeks by using rice water once or twice every week! But don’t treat your hair too much as it may become greasy and dull due to clogging pores from excessive rinsing.

  • Do I have to rinse my entire head with it, or is it okay if I only apply it on certain parts of my hair?

When you’re investing so much time, there’s no reason not to go all out! We recommend you follow the complete procedure; soak and rinse your entire head instead of applying it only on certain parts of your hair. Allowing the rice water to work its magic on your entire scalp is the only way to ensure overall growth from all fronts. 

Final Verdict On Rice Water

People have used rice water for centuries to cleanse and beautify their hair. The process is simple, yet it’s worth noting that the quality of rice you use will determine how well your hair responds. So, make sure you get a good quality organic kind! If you follow these steps correctly, we’re confident that your hair will be softer and shinier. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get those supple strands soaked with rice water today!