The Best Guide To Organic Henna Hair Dye


In this guide I will walk you through the history, and uses of the organic Henna hair dye.

I have no doubt you have heard of Henna. 

It’s created by grinding the leaves of the Henna plant into a powder and then prepared into a paste for use in traditional temporary Henna tattoos, for hair dye, and several other benefits.

For our purposes, we are concerned with Henna as a hair dye.

Henna gives you the ability to dye your hair a reddish-brown color without exposing yourself (or the environment) to the harsh chemicals found in most modern hair dyes.

If you’re looking for organic hair dye, you cannot find one better than Henna, as pure Henna is entirely natural and is absolutely the safest way to dye your hair.


The Origins Of Organic Henna Hair Dye

Organic Henna Hair Dye

Did you know that women in South Asia and Africa have been dying their hair with Henna for over 6000 years?

Its popularity spread to Europe in the 1800s, where famous opera singers in Italy and the muses of pre-Raphaelite artists in England wore it to give their hair a warm, red appearance.

From its earliest days to today, Henna has maintained its traditional popularity throughout India, the Middle East, and Egypt.

The use of organic hair dye is in a significant rise in popularity shown in Europe and the United States, thanks to its beautiful results and its benefits for eco-consciousness.

Women worldwide are looking for organic hair dye that is as kind to their hair as it is to the Earth, and they can find it with pure organic henna hair dye.

What Color Can You Expect From The Organic Henna Hair Dye?

Beautiful healthy Long Reddish Brown Hair with Henna

As with any organic hair dye, when you use henna to color your hair, your mileage will vary.

When used on lighter blond, gray, or white hair, henna will look closer to red than brown.

On darker hair, it may appear a deeper, darker, and richer brown with red highlights that appear in the sun or under bright lights.

Your results will also depend a great deal on how long you allow your dye paste to develop and how long you leave the dye in your hair, as well.

Some organic hair dye experts recommend leaving henna dye in for up to four hours to get the most dramatic effect possible.

Unless you’ve previously bleached or dyed your hair with other products, however, you can expect a reddish-brown color with a pure henna dye.

It’s important to note here that some products that say “Henna” on the packaging will promise other color results.

These products are not pure henna. Pure henna cannot create different colors.

The only way to do this is to include other non-henna additives. Be very wary of these products, as they are never pure henna and are usually not 100% organic hair dye.

Some manufacturers use other organic dyes and plant extracts to achieve other colors, but be wary.

These products are often not as natural or organic as you might think.

If you want to cover gray hairs and/or enliven your hair with red hues, you’ll love the way pure henna organic hair dye looks.

The dye gets infused into the shafts of your hair and creates gorgeous results that are healthier for you, your hair, and the environment than any other type of hair dye available.

It may not give you a whole range of colors to choose from, but look at how many women have used it for millennia to give their hair extra color and vibrancy.

Permanent Color That Won’t Damage Your Hair

Henna maintains its gorgeous color by bonding with the shafts of your hair, meaning it won’t appear faded and washed out after a few days or weeks like other hair dyes.

Henna also won’t strip your hair of its existing color, and dying with henna won’t damage your hair like other dyes will.

If you want permanent, healthy, organic hair dye, choose pure henna.