Make your own organic spa cream cleanser


Nowadays, cleansers are available for every skin type across various price ranges. Mass-produced cleansers use natural fibers, mineral sulfates, glycerin, and other items. Each of these ingredients has its own independent role in a deep cleansing action. But as we know mass-produced items, though cheap, lack product quality. Ingredients like mineral sulfates can cause skin irritation and redness, while glycerin in high doses can promote acne, etc. Thus, we all need a reliable product that helps our skin without harming it. So, here we have brought for you a few methods by which anyone can make Organic Spa Cream Cleanser at their home. 

Why is Organic Better?

Organic products are usually made from all-natural ingredients. This means homemade cleansers will not contain any harmful mineral sulfate or a copious amount of glycerin which may have negative impacts on human skin after its application. Plus, Organic products are skin-friendly and don’t produce any type of side effects. 

A few DIY Spa Cream Cleansers which anyone can make in their home

Here are a few simple steps you can undertake to make your own Organic Spa Cream Cleanser

  1. Gram Flour and Yogurt Facial Cleanser
  • All you will need is Gram Flour (besan), Rosewater, normal water, and Turmeric powder.
  • Take a few teaspoons of Gram Flour in a bowl and mix, add a little water to it until the Gram Flour has thickened up and forms a thick slurry.
  • Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it into the lump.
  • Now Gradually add your Rose Water and stir continuously to avoid the formation of lumps.
  • Whisk until a creamy and thick paste is formed.
  • Chill the mixture overnight and use when necessary

Gram Four is widely acknowledged for its ayurvedic capabilities and used for various facial products. The alkali in the Gram flour pulls the dirt and excessive oil from the skin. Turmeric and rose water hydrate and give a glow to the skin. (we advise to not use packed turmeric powder rather buy raw turmeric bulbs and dry-grind them)

  1. Lemon and Honey Facial Cleanser
  • All you might need is Cornstarch, honey, water, and Lemon.
  • In a bowl take a few tablespoons of cornstarch and add a few drops of water to it and mix until a slurry is made.
  • To the slurry add a couple of tablespoons Honey and mix well.
  • Then add Lemon juice and Lemon zest to the mixture.
  • Stir the mixture well to avoid any lumps.
  • A smooth paste will form after 5-7 minutes of continuous whisking.
  • Store in a container and chill overnight.
  • The cleanser is ready for action, give it a quick stir before you apply.

Lemon is widely known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. Cornstarch acts as alkali and cleans the skin by pulling out dirt and excessive oil. Honey provides nourishment of skin cells and gives a glow to the skin.

  1. Fuller’s Earth and Rose Water Cleanser
  • All you will need is Fuller’s Earth (natively known as Multani Mitti), Rose Water, Water. 
  • Take a block of Multani Mittli and pound it to form a powder.
  • Put the powder in a bowl and add a few drops of water to it and mix, until the Multani Mitti forms Lumps.
  • Now add a few tablespoons of Rosewater to the lumpy mixture.
  • Stir continuously to get the mixture well incorporated and avoid any lumps.
  • A smooth paste will form after 2-3 minutes of continuous whisking.
  • Store in a container and chill overnight.
  • Use it whenever you fancy. ( Except for oily skin type, people having oily skin tone should not use it more than once a week as the Multani Mitti can cause oversecretion of oils from the glands)            

Multani Mittli has been used for ages as a natural cosmetic in India. Multani Mitti acts as alkali and pulls dirt and oil off the skin, Rosewater moisturizes the skin.

One has to keep in mind these homemade cleansers cannot survive for months like any mass-produced cleanser. Thus, we suggest you make them in small batches.