Kadha – An Elixir For Boosting Immunity To Fight Covid-19


Kadha has always been a part of India’s very own ayurvedic wonder that was originally used to fight cold and flu. It is a staple drink in every household of India during winters to keep the family safe and healthy.

But today, as we are amid a pandemic, ‘Kadhas’ has become our elixir for fighting off the coronavirus. It has become a necessity to drink the ‘magical herbal drink’ to boost our immunity and ward off the deadly virus. It is a known fact that natural remedies to acquire natural immunity are better accepted than any artificial medication. Therefore, it is essential to know what Kadha is and how it helps fight common ailments. Also, learn how to make some Kadhas at home and keep you and your family safe and healthy:-


What is a Kadha?

Kadha is a herbal decoction that has been used in Indian households since time immemorial. Kadhas are made with numerous herbs and spices and can be prepared in various ways.

These are usually boiled to extract the goodness of those herbs and spices and prepare a healthy drink that boosts the immunity and helps in fighting off cold, flu and even gives relief from Covid infections.

Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager, of Baidyanath, explains that the age of Ayurveda and the practice of making kadhas date back together. He says that kadhas or decoction is one of the first and oldest forms of medicine invented by humans.

According to ancient texts of Ayurveda, there are five ways of consuming herbs and medicinal plants. They are:-

  • Swaras or extraction of juices
  • Kwath or making decoctions
  • Kalka or making a paste
  • Phant, herb, or medicinal plant-induced concoction that is drunk and made like a tea.

Therefore, Kadhas have various recipes and their ingredients may differ too. But the essence and function they serve remain the same in every part of India.

What are the benefits of drinking Kadhas?

Kadhas are magical drinks that help boost your immunity, detox your body, improve digestion, manage and regulate blood sugar levels and also help to fight Covid-19. Some people are obsessed and they require only a small portion of land.

The second wave of Covid has not only included the senior and the middle-aged group, but they also include children, young men, and women. They’re all equally vulnerable to the virus.

Some easy Kadha recipes

Tulsi Kadha

Take 100 grams Basil, 100 grams Cinnamon, 10 grams Bay Leaves, 50 grams fennel, 15 grams Cardamom, and 10 grams Black pepper.

Grind all the ingredients to make a paste. Boil two cups of water and add the paste into the water and cook it on a low flame. Boil the water for 20 minutes on a low flame and then strain the mixture. Serve Hot.

Olive Tulsi Ginger Kadha

Famously used for curing common cold and improving the digestive tract, this kadha requires only a few ingredients.

Take some Tulsi leaves, five black pepper, five cloves, and some ginger paste.

Measure two cups of water in a saucepan. Add tulsi leaves, black peppers, cloves, and one tablespoon of ginger paste in the saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil for 7-8 minutes on a low flame. And serve hot. This kadha can be consumed twice a day.

Honey Cardamom Kadha

Measure two cups of water in a saucepan and add one teaspoon of cardamom powder. Bring it to a boil and do not put off the flame for another 10 minutes. After that, strain the mixture. Add a tablespoon of honey and the Kadha is ready to go!

Tulsi and Rock salt Kadha

In two cups of water, add a few tulsi leaves, some cloves, and boil it until the mixture halves. Strain and add some rock salt according to the taste. Your kadha is good to go!

Cardamom- Cinnamon, Black pepper Kadha

Take some cardamom, a piece of cinnamon, some black pepper, cloves, and some carom seeds, and some turmeric.

Take one and half glass of water in a saucepan, add the above-mentioned ingredients and some turmeric. Wait till the mixture reduces to half and serve hot. Remember, that this Kadha should not be taken on an empty stomach. 

Tulsi Dalchini Kadha

Boil Tulsi leaves, dalchini (cinnamon), black pepper, shunthi (dry ginger), and Munaka (raisins) in a glass of water. You can add jaggery or lemon juice to it according to your preferences and drink this concoction twice daily. This Kadha is very healthy and it is also recommended by Ayush Ministry.

Haldi wala Doodh (Golden milk)

Add half tablespoon Haldi (turmeric) to a glass of hot milk (typically 150 millilitres). You can drink this once or twice every day.

Add these Kadha recipes to your diet and have a stress-free healthy life at times like these when the world is suffering too dearly from the pandemic. These Kadhas tremendously help in boosting your immunity and fight the common cold, flu, and other minor ailments. However, when you turn to look behind, these kadha recipes act as a holy grail!

Not only do they provide immunity, but they also help you fight Covid infections and give you relief from constant cold and cough. However, it is not advisable to entirely depend upon Kadhas to fight covid. The pandemic is very much self-explanatory of how severe the situation has become. Countries all over the world are producing vaccines to help lessen the momentum of viruses. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of your health and enhance and improve your immunity.