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HCG Drops For Weight Loss Review: Does It Actually Work?

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Best HCG Drops For Weight Loss Review & Buying Guide.

A complete HCG Weight Loss Drops Review guides your path toward swift and harmless weight loss.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by the world generally and by Americans, specifically. According to reports, the US Obesity prevalence was 42.4% in 2017-2018, showing an increase of 14% since 1999 -2000, and the severe obesity prevalence has also increased from 4.7% to 9.2% during the same time.

Americans had been paying $147 billion as a medical cost of obesity during 2008, and it would have grown by a considerable proportion now. There are several diets, supplements, weight loss plans, and mentoring to motivate people to get rid of their obesity. However, not every diet plan works for every individual.

Many times people suffer because of intolerance to several diets. But, on the other hand, several medical conditions don’t let people lose weight effectively. Therefore, we have found an organic and effective weight loss plan and product.

Official HCG Diet Plan claims several benefits like:

  • Rigorous and harmless weight loss
  • Boost in energy level
  • A solution to thyroid, liver, and adrenal problems
  • Suppress your appetite to motivate you toward a healthier life
  • And a lot more.

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HCG Diet plan has been there since the 1950s, but it became more popular in the last two decades as people are getting more aware of obesity and its side effects. However, a heated debate is always there, questioning the effectiveness of the Official HCG Diet plan and drops.

And the reasons are obvious; lack of research. Many HCG diet plans out there are not research-backed. As a result, they do more damage than do good to people. We have figured out one of the best HCG drops for weight loss and a diet plan. It has helped hundreds of people get rid of obesity and get back to their everyday lives.

We will break down the science behind using HCG for weight loss and everything you need to know about HCG weight loss.

HCG drops for weight loss

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+What Is HCG?

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone present in the human body. This hormone plays a significant role in women’s bodies during pregnancy. In general, it is present in both men and women. The naturally occurring hormone experiences higher levels in the bodies of pregnant women.

What role does it play during pregnancy?

The higher levels of HCG stimulate the production of another hormone, progesterone. Besides, the hormone aids the development of new blood vessels in the uterus and smoothens the middle layer muscle cells of the uterine wall. This helps to maintain pregnancy.

As the HCG levels spike in pregnant women, the initial pregnancy tests detect the HCG levels in urine. The HCG levels can vary across pregnant women, and sometimes the low levels can result in pregnancy loss. Even lower levels can indicate that the fetus is not growing correctly.

Besides pregnancy, higher levels of HCG in the human body can indicate tumors, cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach ulcers, etc. Therefore, if you experience higher HCG levels without any obvious level, it’s best to consult your doctor.

You might be wondering how this even relates to weight loss and who did this to the world to bring HCG diet plans and weight loss drops. We will be explaining the relation of HCG with weight loss in the following sections.

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Official HCG Diet Plan: What Is It?

HCG Diet plan is another side of the picture; using HCG to help humans weight loss. After a British physician, Dr. Albert T. Simeons researched HCG and obesity; he introduced this weight loss system. He used HCG injections for treating obesity in his patients.

Official HCG Diet drops are a homeopathic way of treating obesity, and it involves supplementing patients with HCG. Increased HCG levels stimulate the hypothalamus, resulting in increased metabolism.

The regulated dosage of oral HCG drops is paired with a fantastic diet plan(low-calorie). The diet plan works on your liver, thyroid, adrenal health and burns fat. It lets your body burn stored fat and helps in the amazing transformation of your body and health. The main vision of this diet plan’s creators is to improve the overall health of Americans and global citizens without suffering.

Official HCG Diet Plan has reformed the lives of many. Check the success stories of people who got rid of obesity using the Official HCG drops

HCG Weight Loss Drops Review: Research Evidence

1950, Dr. Albert Simeons introduced the harmless weight-loss method of injecting HCG into the human body. He worked in India to cure malaria and other tropical diseases when he found an endocrine disorder in severely obese young men. He did research and injected controlled doses of HCG to the boys who could lose weight.

He advanced his research and published Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. He guided his patients on achieving short-term results and long-term sustainability with this method. He also encouraged a healthy diet that would further help in losing weight.

It’s where the story and research on HCG Weight loss methods started. Several researchers worked on this diet and method, and here is some scientific evidence. For example, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study reporting:

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Women who received 125 IU injections of HCG six days a week for 1.5 months and followed a 500-calories per day diet achieved several results. It included more weight loss, reduced appetite, and better overall health.

There were many other research studies of which some found remarkable results of using HCG  drops and diet plans. But, on the other hand, there are a lot of critique researches claiming the benefits of HCG diet plans. We will give you an honest HCG weight loss review with logical reasoning. You will be able to decide if the diet plan is right for you.

What Are Ingredients Of HCG Weight Loss Drops?

The active ingredients of the Official HCG are all-natural and organic to help your body use its maximum potential and say Goodbye to obesity forever. Here is an analysis of the main ingredients and how they aid in healing your body and health.

HCG Hormone

It is the most critical and significant ingredient of Official HCG Drops that helps your body trigger the hypothalamus to make your metabolism faster. Increased metabolism with a restricted diet works together to help you avoid overeating and lose weight faster.


It is a natural amino acid derivative that can also be taken orally. Many research studies have found L-Carnitine to be very effective in reducing BMI, fat mass, and overall body weight. It mainly works by reducing inflammation in your body that might result in heart disease or blood pressure.

Natrum Phosphate

Natrum Phosphate is a harmless homeopathy ingredient added to the Official HCG drops as it lets your body heal. The ingredient helps relieve muscle or nerve pains and contributes to the overall wellness of individuals having a restricted diet.


It is also an amino acid naturally produced by our body and helps reduce fat mass and replace it with muscle mass. L-Arginine also increases the energy levels that help you lose weight sustainably.

Vitamin B12

It is a water-soluble B complex vitamin that can be consumed by external sources(meat, fish, dairy products, etc.). B12 is often related to weight loss due to stabilizing body functioning, providing longer energy, and improving metabolism.


L-Ornithine aids in removing ammonia from the body and replacing it with urea that is excreted. The higher ammonia levels in the body can be toxic for your health and body. Therefore, it indirectly helps your body to lose weight by avoiding toxins.

How To Use HCG drops For Weight Loss?

The main reason behind the success of official HCG drops and Official HCG diet plans is the systematic approach to training your body. Our complete HCG Weight Loss Drops Review includes an analysis of the systematic approach that unlocks maximum benefits for your body.

It comprises three phases, and each phase plays its part in transforming your health and body.

Hcg immunity

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Phase 1

Phase 1 is the initiation phase focused on training you about the appropriate use of HCG drops, following the diet plan, and motivating you to adopt healthy eating habits. The training period lasts for two days, and it’s just the beginning of putting you on the right path.

What are you expected to do in this phase?

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat food you want to eat
  • Learn the use of HCG drops and a diet plan

Phase 2

The work starts in the second phase, which sets you on the roller coaster of losing weight with HCG. HCG doses taken in the first phase start working on your body to change your body’s fat-storing and burning process.

The first phase is when you eat your heart’s content, but in phase 2, things start to get a bit harder. For example, the daily consumption of calories is reduced to trigger your body to burn stored fat.

Phase 3

The third phase is the final phase, where sustainability is achieved. The third phase is the practice or routine that makes your weight loss and wellbeing journey sustainable and long-lasting.

Unlike other fad diets in highlights, Phase 3 of the Official HCG Weight Loss Drops and Diet Plan is called Maintenance Cycle.

You lost your weight, improved your health, got more energy, but how will it last?

This is where the maintenance cycle trains you to avoid going back to square one. This phase gives you practical advice on what to eat, how to eat, things to do, and one thing most important: there is no calorie limit in phase 3 of your Official HCG diet plan.

So everyone concerned about using HCG drops for weight loss would have got the answers.

It’s time to say Goodbye to obesity and get on the journey of healthy living.

Kick Start your healthy living journey with the harmless systematic approach of the Official HCG Diet Plan and Drops.

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Benefits Of Official HCG Drops and Official HCG Diet Plan

Losing weight indeed is one of the biggest challenges most people face. However, the HCG diet is a rigorous but long-term journey of getting healthy(mentally and physically). The most appealing benefits of Official HCG Drops and diet plans are as follows:

  • Ideally, the plan claims to target around 1 pound a day which means 30 pounds a month. It’s huge for people looking to lose weight quickly. What makes these targets believable are the ingredients of the Official HCG drops. Several ingredients are there to maintain energy levels on a low-calorie diet of HCG. Therefore, many people achieve more or less the same results.
  • The brand doesn’t let you wander, and they have everything you need to get started. Instead, they guide you through your journey from what to eat to HCG dosage and maintain your weight.
  • It is a Made in USA product that comprises most ingredients helpful in functioning our body.
  • The company also offers you a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t show your body and weight results.

Do HCG Drops Work For Weight Loss?

Now the question is, do HCG drops work for Weight Loss? If the FDA doesn’t recommend such diets, how does it work? What if the testimonials are marketing copies written by professionals?

After going through tons of misinformation on the internet, it’s easier to believe that the HCG diet plan is ineffective and puts you at risk of ending up in hospital. It’s not true.

The story is a bit different.

HCG Weight Loss Drops and diet plans are genuine approaches to help people get rid of obesity. HCG levels are increased by oral consumption, resulting in faster metabolism. However, the other ingredients in the drops help your body maintain energy levels, experience reduced appetite, and cleanse your body.

Weight Loss Diet Drops don’t work in isolation but are paired with a practical diet plan. It tells you what to eat when to eat, how much, how to eat. The plan helps you achieve your ideal body weight and maintain it in the long term. The exact results might differ for different people depending on several factors(Basal Metabolic rate, activity, genetics, etc.).

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Unleash Your Health and Beautiful Figure By Setting On The Journey Of Health With Official HCG Diet Plan

Where To Get Your HCG Drops and Diet Plans?

Are you ready to start your journey of mindfulness and healthy body weight? After our HCG Weight Loss Drops review, you can get HCG Drops and diet plans from the official website. You can get the same-day delivery and a money-back guarantee to get a refund if results are not visible in 7 days of use.

The Official HCG Diet Drops come in 5 different packages.

Each package contains The Official HCG Diet Weight Loss Program Guide, Original Pounds & Inches e-book, Best HCG Recipes eBook, Original Weight Loss Log, all in pdf format, and the official HCG Diet Drops.

The quantity of the official HCG Diet Drops vary across the packages:

  • 15 Day HCG Diet Plan – 1 x 1 oz Bottle of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops: $59.00
  • 21 Day HCG Diet Plan – 1 x 2 oz Bottle of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops: $79.00
  • 45 Day HCG Diet Plan – 1 x 4 oz Bottle of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops: $99.00
  • 90 Day HCG Diet Plan – 2 x 4 oz Bottles of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops: $129.00
  • Couples HCG Diet Plan – 2 x 4 oz Bottles of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops: $129.00

Please don’t take our words and try Official HCG Diet Plans independently. Instead, you’re backed with the 90-day no question asked refund policy.

HCG Weight Loss Drops Review: Final Verdict

Many internet warriors warn you about the side effects and adversities of using the HCG diet plan and drops. But what is our final verdict and HCG Weight Loss Drops Review?

Some symptoms might initially disturb you, regardless of which diet plan you go for, ketogenic or photogenic. You’re training your body to different eating habits, and it’s normal to have fatigue, restlessness, or mild bloating. And it’s not the case for everyone. Different bodies behave differently.

Therefore, in our opinion, HCG Weight Loss Drops and diet plans are legitimate and safe for human use. So you can start your weight loss journey right away and become the person you love to see in the mirror.

A single click will take you on a journey of transforming your body, mind, and health. Learn More About HCG Diet Plans before you buy them.

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