5 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair Naturally!

Get Rid Of Brassy Hair Naturally

Find out how to get rid of brassy hair naturally with promising home remedies.

Most of us get bored of the same hair color for years and try to add colors by dying hair. But life is full of unexpected scenarios.

Brassy hair color after few washes of getting your hair dyed to ash-grey color can be devastating. Even if you have naturally blonde hair, brassy tones can become a nightmare for you. Many people who think that brassy hair is a more common problem for blondes might not know the struggles of dark-haired people trying to get their hair dyed after bleaching.

In other words, brassiness is a real problem either you have highlighted your hair to golden or got dyed hair, and all of us want to get rid of the leftover orange hair strands.

Let us present you with the natural ways to get rid of brassy hair at home. We will also compare market-available solutions with home remedies to know what is best for you.


What Is Brassy Hair?

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Get Rid Of Brassy Hair Naturally

Brassy hair won’t be a new term for you if you use hair dyes regularly. When you dye your hair, your hair will develop brassy tones, orange or red hair strands after few washes. These uneven warm tones of orange color are not much appealing and tidy.

Generally, when you go to a salon to get your hair dyed, bleaching is the first step. The next step is the application of artificial pigment in the form of hair color. These pigments also remove natural hair color, and it can become a problem leading to brassy hair if bleaching is not done correctly.

The brassiness of your hair might result from excessive sun exposure that breaks the hair strands leading to warm tones. Using hard water to wash your hair can also deposit harmful minerals on your hair strands and damage them resultantly.

What Is Hair Toning?

We’ve talked enough of the warm pigmentation; let’s talk about how to treat the brassiness. The most common way to treat the yellow tones of hair is hair toning. Hair toners help to control the brassiness of your hair to make them look evenly colored and healthy. Toners are efficient in neutralizing the brassy tones of your hair if bleaching has gone wrong.

Market Available Solutions For Treating Unpleasant Brassy Hair

Many market-available hair toners can be used for treating brassy hair. The most common you’ll find are as follows:

#1    Getting a salon appointment to solve warm orange hair strands is the most convenient way. The hair treatment provided by salons will work well if you’ve developed brassiness after dying your hair or even if it has grown due to repetitive shampooing of blonde hair. However, always getting to the salon for solving brassiness is not a budget-friendly way.

#2    The second alternative is store-bought toners that tone your hair. There are an unlimited variety of hair toners available in stores. But getting the right hair toner can be an overwhelming task when you don’t have all the information required to choose one that best suits you.

#3    Ever heard of purple shampoo? It is probably one of the most extensively used toning products. However, if you get too optimistic to let it stay for a more extended period, the resulting violet pigmentation might end you in an explanation-demanding situation.

Why Not Use Available Market Solutions?

There are different reasons why you cannot rely on the market-available solution in the long term. Either they are expensive or require expertise for use. But the one common disadvantage of all solutions is chemicals that will damage your hair. 

Undoubtedly, the instant results of hair toners and salon treatments are alluring. But your hair is very gentle and requires easy-to-go solutions that do not damage the structure and texture of your hair. Therefore, it is always convenient to stick with natural home remedies to get rid of brassiness.

Don’t worry! We have come up with our version of how to get rid of brassy hair naturally.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair 

The most significant benefit of home remedies for getting rid of orange hair is that they won’t harm your hair texture. You can try these natural remedies and find which one suits you best. These homemade toners are money savers, chemical-free, and convenient to use.

#1 Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Brassy Hair

Who is not aware of the benefits of apple cider vinegar for the health of the stomach to blood sugars? Apple cider vinegar also aids hair growth and health. Here is how to use apple cider vinegar for making your natural hair toner.

Things You’ll Need

  • 1 part of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 part of water


Prepare the toner by mixing apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts. Apply a half cup of the solution to your hair after shampoo and conditioning of your hair. It is advisable to prepare an answer before going for a shower.  

Apple cider vinegar will smoothen your hair strands and get rid of the brassiness. Additionally, you should pay attention to use apple cider vinegar instead of any other type. Secondly, be vigilant to apply the solution hours before going out as apple cider vinegar stinks, and it might become a problem for you. 

#2 Say Goodbye To Orange Hair With Baking Soda

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Baking Soda For Orange Hair

We all know about the function of baking soda for decolorization. You can conveniently combine this lightning agent with a sulfate-free shampoo to cool down the orange hair tones.

Things You’ll Need

  • 1 tsp of baking soda
  • Any sulfate-free shampoo
  • ½ tsp of purple food coloring
  • ½ tsp of blue food coloring
  • Water, as required


Step 1 is to take a bowl and add all the constituents in it except water. Mix the solution and if it gets too thick, add a tiny amount of water. You can use a stirring stick to mix the ingredients. Make sure to stir it well and break any clumps that are formed by adding baking soda.

Shampoo your hair and apply the mixture to your hair. Let it stay in the hair for around 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Apply quality conditioner on your hair afterward for moisturizing. Tips for using this home remedy for hair toning make sure that you have bought sulfate-free shampoo. Don’t overdo the food coloring, and you can use red color with blue if purple is not available.

#3 Get Rid Of Brassy Tones With DIY Blue Toner

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Get Rid Of Brassy Tones With DIY Blue Toner

Here is a DIY blue toner to help you get rid of brassy hair naturally.

Things You’ll Need

  • A good quality hair conditioner
  • Semi-permanent purple or violet hair dye
  • Hair dye applicator


It is a convenient way for correcting the orange or yellow tones in your hair, and it will work without harming your hair. You need to take double the amount of conditioner than what you usually use after washing your hair. Add it to a bowl along with a small amount of violet hair dye and an applicator. As a standard, the color of the mixture should be light purple.

Wash your hair and apply the mixture while it’s wet. Let it stay for an hour. Rinse and wash thoroughly. The purple dye will help you neutralize the warm tones of the orange color. Always be careful when adding amounts of dye, and don’t apply the mixture with bare hands. Using gloves is recommended.

#4 Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair Color

You can also get rid of brassiness by using lemon juice with your hair conditioner. Lemon juice has bleaching properties that help to cool down the yellow tones of your hair.

Things You’ll Need

  • 1 tsp of lemon juice
  • A good quality hair conditioner
  • Water


Add water to the conditioner in a way that the solution is neither runny nor thick. It should be loose enough that it can be easily applied to your hair. Now add lemon juice to the mixture.

Part your hairs and start applying the mixture on small sections one by one. Leave your hair with a solution for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly and wash away. Unlike other home remedies, you don’t have to shampoo your hair before applying this mixture. The acidic content of lemon juice will remove yellow hair tones, but the best results need repetitive use.

#5 Herbal Remedy For Brassy Hair 

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Herbal Remedy For Brassy Hair 

Now let’s head to a purely herbal remedy to get rid of brassy hair at home. You don’t need any fancy hair conditioner, dyes, or shampoos for this remedy.

Things You’ll Need

  • 3-4 teabags of green tea
  • Two cups water
  • A pot


Boil the water in a pot and steep the tea bags. Wait for the water to turn into a light green color solution. You can choose to get the more strong color tone of the solution up to dark green or even black. Turn off the heat and let the solution cool down.

Now apply the solution to your hair and let it stay for half an hour. Afterward, wash your hair with water. The green tea will not only cool down the brassiness but will also improve the texture of your hair. You can also use oolong black tea instead of herbal green tea. The best results of the remedy can be seen after repetitive use.

In A Nutshell, 

It would help if you tried to avoid the warm brassy tones by using quality dyes and correct procedures. Always be careful to choose the right products for your hair color, type, and texture. Excessive bleaching can also leave you in frustrating situations.

We hope that these home remedies will work well for your hair. Get rid of the brassy hair with these home remedies and let your hair shine along with you.