DIY scalp scrub for dandruff


A healthy scalp means healthy hair, and it is vital to handle issues with dandruff in the hair and scalp. Since the daily use of gels, hair spray, conditioners, and others can make your hair flat and dull, it is essential to rip away this build-up without deteriorating your hair health. For this, a DIY deep cleansing scrub for the scalp will make your hair feel all fresh and free from dandruff.

Here are the most common DIY scalp scrubs for dandruff that’ll help you fix your issues.


Oatmeal with brown sugar cleansing scalp scrub

If you own an oily dandruff scalp, you will get how irritating that becomes for the hair. For one minute, your hair is fresh and clean, and the very next moment, it is dirty and full of dandruff. This specialized oatmeal with a brown sugar scrub is for your oily dandruff hair. It will peel off your scalp, provide moisture, and improve flow to hair follicles.

Ingredients required for the scrub:

  • Two tablespoons of properly ground oatmeal
  • Two tablespoons of brown sugar, and
  • Two tablespoons of hair conditioner¬†

How to use: 

Mix all the components in a bowl. Then, shampoo your hair to get rid of styling products. Pick out a small spoon of the scrub mixture in your hand. Massage your scalp with the scrub in a circular motion. Please keep it for a little while, and then rinse it thoroughly.

Olive oil with salt deep cleansing dandruff scalp scrub

A dry scalp with dandruff is another level issue for the hair. Whereas dry scalp causes irritating scalp, flaky dandruff causes harsh hair. The main reason behind this is harsh styling products and chemicals containing hair products. But what you can do is hydrate your scalp and give them a tiny break from all kinds of styling treatments.

For a quick break, what you can do is go for an oil and salt scrub. This scrub will remove all kinds of flakes and dirt from the hair follicles without making your scalp dry and hair dull. Olive oil proves to be a great conditioning mask and gives moisture to the scalp and protection from damage.

Ingredients required for the scrub:

  • 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
  • Two tablespoons of salt
  • 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

How to use: 

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly. Later, wet your hair and then massage the oil and salt scrub in your scalp. Please keep it for a while, and then wash it off properly with the help of shampoo.

Baking soda with clarifying shampoo scalp scrub

Before going for a medicated, harsh shampoo, why don’t you try treating your scalp with a scrub that will free it from redness, dandruff, itching, and uncomfortable hair issues?

We have brought for you this shampoo scalp scrub which is immensely inexpensive and gentle to use. It absorbs oil, maintains the scalp’s pH, and detaches dandruff from hair follicles.

You must use this scrub at least once or twice a month for effective results.

Ingredients required for the scrub:

  • Roughly one tablespoon around shampoo
  • One tablespoon of baking soda
  • Few drops of the tea tree oil

How to use:

  • Mix up all the ingredients properly and massage well, focusing on the roots and scalps. Keep the scrub in the hair for a while and rinse it off with warm water.
  • This scrub is not recommended for color-treated hair because of baking soda.
  • Finish the scalp treatment using coconut oil, avocado, or honey hair mask to seal the hair’s shine.