20 surprising benefits of ashwagandha powder for health and skin


Natural fibers and herbs have immense medicinal properties, and Ashwagandha is a prime example of it. Ashwagandha is derived from fruits of poison gooseberry (natively called Indian Ginseng) which is a mid-sized tree native to Himalayan foothills and Upper-Gangetic Plains. The extract from these gooseberries has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurveda.

Ashwagandha is considered a traditional stress reliever, capable of enhancing memory, and immune function. Recent studies have found many more interesting medicinal facts about the plant. Here we discuss 20 amazing health benefits of Ashwagandha powder.

Benefits of Ashwagandha powder for health

1. Stress Relief

Ashwagandha has been known for its stress-relieving capabilities since 6000 BC. The miraculous berry increases the secretion of Dopamine in the human body, avoiding stress and providing a sense of relief.

2. Memory Enhancement

Just like Brahmi Leaves, Ashwagandha helps to promote the flow of blood to the brain which promotes memory in Humans. Research has shown that Ashwagandha can cure memory impairment in rats suffering from PTSD and Hypoxia.

3. Diabetes

Ashwagandha can control blood sugar levels which is a boon for people suffering from diabetes. Consumption of Ashwagandha as prescribed by a doctor can reduce the risk of fatal post-diabetic problems and also improve the antioxidant status of the Human Body.

4. Promotes a Healthy Heart

Ashwagandha promotes better circulation of blood and reduces blood pressure. Its medicinal properties help reduce cholesterol levels in the body reducing the risk of Strokes and Heart attacks.

5. Helpful against infections

Ashwagandha has various antibacterial properties which can fight various Infections. For antibacterial infections, it can reduce swelling and other symptoms. Ashwagandha has shown anti-parasitic activity against Leishmania and Malaria in animal studies.

6. Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel and behave clearly. Ashwagandha can reduce the severity of sensory problems in suffering people and promote a temporary sense of peace.

7. Pain reduction

Ashwagandha is very helpful for various types of pain in the human body. It can directly target suffering muscles and reduce pain, stiffness, and disability. A herbal mixture containing Ashwagandha, Indian frankincense, turmeric, and zinc can reduce pain from osteoarthritis.

8. Reproductive Health in Men and women

Scientists have found out through research that Ashwagandha can reduce complications of menopause in women. It also helps to control hormonal overdose suffered by women during pregnancy preventing mood swings, sleep issues, irritability, and anxiety. For men, Ashwagandha can greatly improve their testosterone levels and Sexual immunity.

9. Helps Overcome Sleep Deprivations

The roots or whole plant can be used as a sleep agent. Ashwagandha has been proven to improve the quality of sleep for people who consume it regularly.

10. Treats Adrenal dysfunctions

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) is an inborn dysfunction of enzymes that control hormone production in the adrenal gland. It results in a deficiency of cortisol and aldosterone and an excess of male hormones. Ashwagandha improved the symptoms and hormone levels of elderly women with CAH.

11. Improves Brain Health

Ashwagandha promotes the flow of blood to the brain helping it to perform better. It can also treat acute nervous problems like Parkinson’s Disease by the release of Dopamine promoting nourishment of Brain cells. Ashwagandha is also very effective for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

12. Improves Bone health

Ashwagandha has massive orthopedic effects on the body. Proper consumption of Ashwagandha is correctly prescribed and doses help achieve better bone health and promote better Marrow health.

13. Immunity

Ashwagandha promotes the regeneration of worn-out defensive cells in the body and promotes the generation of new white blood cells. It increases the platelet formation in the blood thus majorly improving someone’s Immunity against diseases.

14. Kidney Damage

Through intensive research, it has been found out that Ashwagandha can clean various toxic chemicals, antifungals, antibodies, and heavy metals from the Kidney.

15. Improves Respiratory health

Ashwagandha in trace amounts promotes better functions of Alveoli, which promotes better respiration in human beings. It has also been noted to protect against lung inflammation and oxidative stress.

16. Fights Cancer

Owing to its vast medicinal properties, Ashwagandha is now being tested to provide remedies for Cancer cells. It has shown many promises of cell regeneration and reversed the growth of cancer. Future may hold organic medicine which might help people fight against primary stages of cancer constituted by Ashwagandha.

Benefits of Ashwagandha powder for skin

17. Antioxidant

Studies have shown the magical power of Ashwagandha to clean up dirt and other particulate germs from the skin. Its chemicals protect the skin from UV rays and pollution. Ashwagandha also exhibits anti-aging benefits, as it helps tighten the skin cells to provide wrinkle-free skin. 

18. Hair strengthening

This magical herb works miracles on hair and scalp. Ashwagandha’s antioxidant properties clean the scalp and also moisturizes the follicles to prevent any dandruff. This promotes a better supply of oxygen to the oil gland on the head, which in turn promotes thick and strong hair.

19. Provides growing skin

The antioxidant properties of Ashwagandha help to clean the skin. It can be used on a weekly basis to get glowing and wrinkle-free skin.

20. Scalp Conditioning

Ashwagandha reacts in the dead skin cells of the scarp and cleans it. Its antioxidant properties clean the scalp and prevent dandruff build-up on the scalp. Just use an Ashwagandha-based shampoo or conditioner and you will notice the difference in your scalp immediately.