6 Natural Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

Natural Ways To Add Volume To Your

Are you tired of your flat hair and using “volumizing” hair products with temporary effects? Thick and voluminous hair is a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy naturally. It can get frustrating spending a fortune on products and seeing only short-term results. Below mentioned are 6 natural ways for you to add volume to your hair:


Homemade hair masks

6 Natural Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

Several homemade hair masks made out of easily available everyday products can add significant volume to your hair. Some of these masks include: 

  • Honey and yogurt with onion juice will add density to your hair, improve texture, and prevent hair fall.
  • Rinsing your dry hair with lukewarm green tea water once a week can improve hair growth adding volume to your hair. 
  • Applying egg to your wet hair twice a week strengthens and adds volume to your hair.
  • Blending banana, honey, and egg and applying the mask to your hair for about 50 minutes nourishes your hair and improve growth

Using Aloe Vera

It’s a widely known fact that aloe vera can do wonders to your hair and skin. Extracting aloe vera gel and applying it directly to your scalp will provide essential moisture to your hair. Let the gel stay in your hair for about an hour and then rinse it with shampoo. Aloe vera soothes your hair and helps with scalp rashes, itching, and redness. Repeating this regularly will improve your hair growth and add volume.


Amla is an ancient remedy in India for numerous hair problems including flatness. Amla helps with blood circulation in your scalp, removes dandruff, and dissolves dirt and grease from follicles. Rich in vitamin C, it neutralizes free radicals damaging your hair and restoring the pH level of your scalp. You can include amla in your diet and eat one every day to see phenomenal results or use amla hair masks. You can also mix amla to heated coconut oil and continue heating till its color turns brown. Let the oil cool down and apply once it’s lukewarm. 

Essential oils

Using essential oils at your home can result in a significant change in thick hair volume. These essential oils include:

  • Rosemary oil contains Carnosol which is an inflammatory agent which helps in balancing hormones and improving hair growth. 
  • Lavender has follicle-stimulating properties that help in increasing volume.
  • Juniper oil has astringent properties which fight against hair loss. The essential oil strengthens hair roots, promotes hair growth, and also prevents scalp acne. 
  • Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and contains omega 6 and ricinoleic acid. Therefore, it promotes hair growth and accelerates blood circulation to your scalp. 

Massaging your scalp

Massaging your hair regularly with lukewarm oil results in better hair thickness and growth. It helps with blood circulation to your scalp and strengthens hair roots. Massaging your roots in a circular motion by applying gentle pressure for 15 minutes will rejuvenate your hair follicles. Wrapping your hair in a warm towel post-massage will provide extra conditioning to your hair. You can leave your oiled hair overnight or at least two hours before washing them. 

Balanced diet

Protein is significant for voluminous hair as keratin is the key to healthy hair. It’s essential to consume nutrients such as antioxidants, proteins, biotin, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, amino acids, iron, zinc, and fatty acids for hair growth. Moreover, it’s necessary to have a rich and balanced diet for their supply. To promote hair growth, you can add the following food items to your diet:

  • Eggs, fish, and poultry products for protein supply.
  • Green leafy vegetables for iron supply.
  • Curry leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Nuts like almonds for fatty acids supply.
  • Yogurt for zinc supply. 
  • Citrus fruits containing vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals.

These natural ways are an easy and healthy alternative to hair products to bring volume to your hair. If you follow these tips patiently, then you will definitely see significant long-term results in your hair.

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